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Masters Degrees in Qatar (درجة الماجستير في قطر)

The United Arab Emirates is currently going through a massive economic boom with numerous businesses entering into the market and pooling investments in different sectors of the economy. These developments have, in turn, brought about further developments in the infrastructure as well as the education sector of UAE. There is an increasing trend for many aspiring professionals to pursue a Masters degree in Qatar as the surrounding environment is seen as highly conducive for such a qualification.  Qatar, like many Gulf States, has opened its doors to business schools that want to develop programs in the region.  Far from being victims of their own success, this oil-rich country has succeeded in diversifying its economy but is in need of trained managers with core business skills to sustain the momentum. As a result of rapid economic diversification beyond oil and gas, top North American and European business schools are developing programs, opening campuses and forming partnerships in the Gulf States. "Dubai's strategic location makes it a gateway to India, Africa and the Middle East while attracting top talent from Europe, North America and Asia," said Kartik Ram, an MBA student. "This vantage point played a major role in transforming my choice from an 'academic move' to a 'career move.' My professional development, industry contacts and salary growth have been positively impacted as a result of active networking in Dubai."

Midtown University – Taking Quality Education to a Whole New Level

Midtown University provides aspiring professionals with a Masters degree unrivalled by any other educational institution in the region. Midtown University offers efficient Master’s degrees in Qatar which have successfully qualified as high quality programs as a result of undergoing stringent evaluation and ultimately achieving international accreditation. Midtown University’s Master’s degree programs in Qatar provide aspiring professionals with the perspective needed to take on any challenge head on. All curricula are made to be industry-responsive and up-to-date with respect to trends and developments taking place in various industries and fields. Replete with state-of-the-art technological systems designed to support effective and high performing mobile classrooms and discussion forums for continuous student-to-teacher interaction, Midtown University provides a complete package of quality, convenience and affordability. What’s more, our faculty consists of instructors drawn from some of the world’s top learning centers dedicated towards facilitating student learning so that they are able to achieve all their academic and professional goals.

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