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Online MBA Courses in Kuwait (ماجستير في إدارة الأعمال عبر الإنترنت دورات في الكويت)


A recent market survey in Kuwait has shown a growing demand of MBA professionals in Kuwait. It will be fair to say that, right now in Kuwait, holding an MBA degree is like holding a golden ticket to success. The market survey shows above 300 national and international firms being interested in hiring fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals, for several major positions. Even the salaries that are being offered to professionals with an MBA degree in Kuwait is 11 percent above the rate at which an MBA graduate student was hired in the past year. Companies like Pepsi co, Marriott international, Siemens and Watani are among the top recruiting companies.


But everyone knows that landing a good job is not that easy. Just holding a degree alone cannot prove the worth of the person who carries it. One should be assured that degree he holds is authentic and that he has all the required skills which are expected from an MBA graduate. First of all, the degree should be accredited and secondly it must come from a leading business school or university if one has to land a fat plum pay plan and lead a successful career. Having the required skills is another factor which adds value to the qualification according to the hiring experts and head hunters.


Abdel Ally, Strategy Professor & Director Kuwait Development says that “In the Kuwait job market, human resources are hired based on aspiration which is completely different from hiring trends in the States or anywhere else for that matter.” Abdel explains that in America, companies usually hire executives who already carry an experience in another job at another organization. “That’s just normal in a region that is progressing slowly, but in a place like Kuwait which is currently experiencing an unusual rapid growth, only those executives are employed who have the ability to grow into that position.” So it all comes down to the fact that having a master’s degree in business studies from a reputed business school certainly magnifies a candidate’s ability and chances to `grow.’


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